Even if you play in the middle of the night or on a Sunday afternoon, you'll always be just a click away from the support you need. Our representatives are always available via live chat, ready to respond to any queries you might have.

If you'd rather send an email, you can do that too - we have separate email addresses for our finance department and support department. This ensures your email goes straight to the people who can respond quickly and in the proper manner.

Check out our phone numbers too, available both for specific countries and for international customers. Whichever way you wish to get in touch, the team at Dendera Casino is always here for you.

Are you likely to need some support while using our casino?

We hope not, but we'd like you to know we are here for you should you need us. With various ways to contact us, you're never far from the assistance you need. We have separate phone numbers for our French and Spanish members, while we also provide a number for all our international members to use.

We'll answer anything you need to know

Yes, anything. Maybe you have a query about playing a game. Perhaps you want to know more about how a certain promotion might play out. Whatever it is, we think you'll be impressed at how close you are to finding some answers.

Remember, though, our site is already packed with information. We recommend you read through everything you can find first. Most of the answers you may seek are probably already there. It's entertaining to look around too!

But do remember we are here to assist whenever we can. Every day of the year, every hour of the day. Say hi whenever you get the chance!