Five Times Wins Slots

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3-reel, classic
Classic Slot Symbols
When people say classic slots are better than video ones, it depends on what you're looking for from your experience. If simple and straightforward is the way that appeals most to you, then five-reel games will probably suit all of your needs perfectly. If flashy graphics or tons of features matter more in gambling, then there is no debating how enjoyable Five Times Wins Slots can be.

See Gameplay in Action

The gameplay is classic and straightforward. Since before most people knew what "slots" were, this three-reel with twenty paylines slot has been around to play.

The Wagering Options

click through to select your coin size $0-$5 and hit spin for better odds of winning big prizes. The Five Times Wins RTP makes this game worth playing for any aspiring gambler.

Understand the Online Game Facts

  • 5x multiplier on any winning combination the wild symbol is a part of
  • Top jackpot is three wilds on one pay line.
  • The game has three reels, not five or ten like other slots games.
  • Allows players to play for fun without having to enter their credit card information.
  • You can play with three coins and get a top jackpot of 5000x.
  • Even if the wager only has one coin, your chance to win is 1500x.

The Game Symbols and Wins

The triple bar, double-barred green and blue symbols filled the reels of this slot machine. If all four are Wilds, you win 300 times your bet. 45 X for 3 Triple Bars for 225 coins. It increases to 150x with a Wild when you have two or more active lines.

The cherry symbol appears on all reels, making it a safe bet. Three of these symbols can pay up to 45x, but don't forget the wild. It appears twice as often as other slot machine cards and gives 15 extra coins if found.

The Game Developer

It is not easy to distinguish a classic slot in the world of online slots. With Rival Gaming's 8 Pay-lines in 3x3 grids, players can enjoy exciting positions for their bets without knowing how these games work.

Play Online

A classic slot with a wild multiplier, Five Times Wins. Rival Gaming released such a game to showcase their new line of video slots rather than providing people with what they wanted - classic games using minimalistic graphics like this one on offer here when you try Five Times Wins Slots at a participating casino.